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Y-Axis started in 1999 at Hyderabad as immigration and overseas career consultant. Today, we are India’s largest and fastest-growing overseas career company. We are one of the world’s largest immigration companies. We are a one-stop-shop for all your overseas career needs.  

Our success stems from the professionalism and vision we maintain. We are India’s No.1 Overseas Career Consultant. We are also presumably the world’s largest B2C immigration visa consultants. All these achievements come from customer satisfaction. We consider it as our pivotal merit. 

Our success stories highlight our quality of service, integrity and customized services. Our 100,000 happy customers created annually find us credible, devoted and professional. This is because, at Y-Axis, We never sell; We counsel. 

How are our success stories born?  

We have the distinction of being the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad. That makes us responsible to live up to customer expectations. We strive to continuously improve ourselves. Thus, we provide more value for our clients’ time and money. 

Our success stories are accounts of people who come to us with a dream. They come with great expectations; sometimes even with their last hopes pinned on us. Helping them realize their goals overseas creates a bond of a lifetime with them. Their testimonials help others understand the relevance of the work we do. 

How do we succeed?  

Care and counsel  

Our customer executives and staff are prompt to listen to the client’s needs. They patiently guide the client through the entire process for all types of visa processing. Our staff is knowledgeable and aware of the best path ahead for each customer. 

Transparency and integrity  

Our processes and charges are quite transparent. Every process guidance provided and the fees for services are reasonable. We offer genuine and workable options to a customer rather than denying him/her service. 

Reliable assessment tests  

We do skill and eligibility assessments for our clients with all integrity. At no point do we offer shortcuts to clients to bypass any rules. Our coaching and guidance are enough to help clients gain skills and confidence.  

Extra help for customers  

Our concierge services focus on helping our clients get through important document submissions. With our service in place, they can now rest assured that their work is not delayed. Practically, it’s a huge advantage that we offer to the customer.  

We keep our success streak going with quality services to our clients.  

You can also listen to what our clients say about their experience with Y-Axis Overseas Careers.

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