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US council: Importance to Students Visa

The US Consulate General in Hyderabad in partnership with the Y-Axis Foundation has opened a new Education USA centre here on Friday. The new centre will provide advise on US higher educational to prospective students free of charge




Now take computer delivered IELTS at the Y-Axis office in JLT

Y-Axis has entered a partnership with the British Council to deliver the IELTS test on computer from this month. This step is a new achievement for the organization giving customers the opportunity to take the IELTS test on computer at a modern and purpose-built venue conveniently located in Dubai. Read more..

New EducationUSA centre comes up in Hyderabad

Students wishing to pursue higher education in the US now have a new advising centre in the city to reach out to.The US Consulate General in Hyderabad in partnership with the Y-Axis Foundation has opened a new EducationUSA centre here on Friday. The new centre will provide advise on US higher educational to prospective students free of charge.Read more..




EducationUSA opens centre with a private education consultant foundation

The new U.S. Consulate office coming up in Cyberabad will have 54 visa interview windows compared to the 14 windows in the current building at Begumpet thus making visa processing easier and faster, according to Consul General, Joel Reifman. Read more..

Deccan Chronicle

Y-Axis keen to help immigration aspirants despite Coronavirus situation

Migrating to another country is a difficult process and involves crucial decisions. Helping aspiring immigrants since several years, Y-Axis are Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and has the reach, knowledge & expertise to increase their chances of getting a visa. In conversation with Clint Khan Director of Y-Axis, we were informed their agents work exclusively and personally with each client to help them with the procedure as well as to teach them about the prerequisites, to decide on the best nation to move to, and complete the required assessment. We at Y-Axis help our clients to avoid hassles in the visa application process and help them be successful. Read More

Deccan Chronicle

Rising demand for international immigration

The passport you own is an accident of birth and yet for many people the limitations of this pocket-sized document soon become apparent. That’s why in this ever more complicated world — politically, socially and economically — obtaining second citizenship is a soaring trend. A person with a second citizenship is a citizen of two nations at the same time. Dual citizenship, as it is also known, is very intricate, so it’s vital those applying for it comprehend the advantages and commitments. Read More

Deccan Chronicle

Moving to Canada: What you need to know

When it comes to seeking a new experience in new surroundings, Canada has always been a favoured destination. With its natural beauty and high quality of life, the land of the maple leaf also offers one of the warmest welcomes in the world to immigrants — all reasons that make it a top target for people in the UAE and across the GCC who are looking for a new work-and-life adventure. Read More

Deccan Chronicle

Nayak bowls DBMSC to Y-Axis league title

Dubai: Dubai Building Material Supply Company (DBMSC) emerged as champions of the Y-Axis Indoor league held at the Lenovo Insportz stadium.In the premier division, DBMSC defeated Fujitsu Falcons by 50 runs. Falcons won the toss and opted to bat first and got off to a reasonably good start with their opening pair adding 23 runs in the first three overs. Read More

Deccan Chronicle

New US law may open doors for more Indian techies

Mr. Xavier Augustin, Founder and CEO of Y-Axis said that the US is opening its doors to more Indian professionals especially tech experts. The H1B Visa approval will lead them directly to obtaining a Green Card in the US. The passing of this Act shows how much the US depends on Indian techies and wants them to stay back.Read More

Deccan Chronicle

Xavier Augustin’s note to Indian students in India Today

Mr. Xavier Augustin, Founder and CEO of Y-Axis has asked students to write to him to for a free e-book called “Y-Path for Students” which he has specially written for Indian students. He puts his own experiences in the e-book; the ones that he had gathered while studying and working abroad. The book talks about his experiences while studying at Harvard and the University of South Carolina. He has also put in his experiences while working in New York, California and London and also while travelling with National Geographic.Read More

Deccan Chronicle


Personifying “no other company understands overseas careers like we do” is none other than Xavier Augustin, Founder and CEO, Y-Axis Overseas Career, an illustrious alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School as well as the University of South Carolina..Read More

Deccan Chronicle

Ability to work in US makes it enticing option

Xavier Augustin, the Founder and CEO of Y-Axis, reviews the current preferences of Indians in terms of foreign education and migration. He states that students limiting themselves to English-speaking countries is not a good idea.Read More

Telangana Today

Number of Indian students in US has doubled

There are about 200,000 Indian students studying in the US as of last year, so we want to make sure that Indian students get the right amount of information and advice so as to avoid scams and frauds.Read More

Daily Hunt

Carbonation wins 8th edition of TYE Innovation Challenge

TiE Hyderabad declared Hyderabad student team Carbonation as the winner of TiE Young Entrepreneurs TYE 2018-19 for their business idea Charcoholism (an innovative solution that tackles with the ill-effects due to alcohol consumption) on Monday. Team Pentadactyl stood runner up for their B-plan WarnCup (An intelligent sensor & warning system for detecting temperature of food/beverages contents before we consume).Read More

The Hans India

Carbonation wins 8th edition of TYE Innovation Challenge

TiE Hyderabad declared Hyderabad student team Carbonation as the winner of TiE Young Entrepreneurs TYE 2018-19 for their business idea Charcoholism (an innovative solution that tackles with the ill-effects due to alcohol consumption) on Monday. Team Pentadactyl stood runner up for their B-plan WarnCup (An intelligent sensor & warning system for detecting the temperature of food/beverages contents before we consume). Read More

Start-up Hyderabad

Hyderabad School Students team Carbonation wins the 8th edition of “TiE Young Entrepreneurs” Innovation Challenge; Team Pentadactyl are runners up.

TiE Hyderabad today announced the winners of TYE innovation challenge, Young Entrepreneurs from different schools of Hyderabad learn Entrepreneurship 101 from TiE Mentors, who are accomplished charter members of TiE or Successful Entrepreneurs from Hyderabad. The students compete by pitching their business plans to an esteemed panel of judges. This season, 31 students from 12 top schools from across the city formed 6 teams and pitched their innovative solutions.Read More

Telangana Today

Hyderabad-based Y-Axis has been helping Indians go abroad for the last 20 years

Hyderabad: As soon as you enter the office of Xavier Augustin you get a sense of his travelogue and also of him being a family man. While on one side are paintings and collections from different countries, then on the other are memories captured in pictures of his family. And that is what makes him the man he has become today.Read More

Y-Axis Skillathon

Y-Axis Skillathon – The Times of India

The Y-Axis Skillathon helped students understand the tremendous value of expertise in the English language.Read More

The New Indian Express

MyFo wins TiE

Student Team MyFo – ‘My Food My Choice,’ an aggregator of foodservice companies, were declared the winners of TiE – TYE Summer Business plan competition 2018, and team OROME with ‘Eat Fresh Eat Organic’ home food idea, were declared the runners-up. The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE-Hyderabad) declared the winning team TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) summer innovation challenge 2018 on Sunday in Hyderabad amongst the five finalists.Read More



Y-Axis is India’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Consultant and presumably the world’s largest B2C immigration firm. Established in 1999, its 40+ company owned and managed offices across India, Dubai, London, Partner Offices in Melbourne & New Zealand and 1100+ employees have served over 100,000 happy customers.Read More

TE Hyderabad

Dinner Dialogue with Xavier Augustin, Founder & CEO, Y-Axis Overseas Careers

This Saturday (21st April) evening after our Cohort (2) meeting, our host Suresh Reddy, Chairman, LYCOS invited Mr. Xavier Augustin, Chairman of YAxis, one of the largest immigration consulting company in the world, employing close to 1000 people across the globe, for an interactive session over dinner.Read More

Deccan Chronicle

An affair with Harvard

“One needs to keep going back to school to stay relevant,” believes Xavier Augustin, who has recently graduated from the Harvard Business School. Xavier, who always aspired to study at Harvard, found in the Owner/President Management (OPM) Programme a chance to refresh his management knowledge and stay on top of contemporary business values.Read More

The Economics Times

Xavier Augustin Education Fund

Students from financially weak families often drop out to help their families by getting a (usually unskilled) job. The Xavier Augustin Education Fund provides emergency funds to orphans and single-parent children in dire need and ensures these students remain in school. Every year, the Foundation supports students with funds for their school fees, books and uniforms so they do not drop out of the schools.Read More


Y-Axis not regretting the SaaS model

A lot has been said and is being said about the Cloud fork that Enterprise software road has taken. Promises and perceptions often dissolve into thin air unless they resonate with actual results and hands-on testimonials. Let’s take a reality peek with Xavier Augustin, Founder & CEO, Y-Axis on using Saleforce, advantage of prototyping, comparisons with other options and, of course, on the GST D-Day on its way. Read More

Silicon India

Staunchly Glowing on the Pillars of Hope, Integrity & Gratitude

Being one of world’s most sought after talents, more than 70 percent (316,000) of the H-1B petitions approved by USCIS belong to Indians. Over half of them receive a green card and settle with a higher household income. But don’t mistake that the path is paved with flowers. The migration process is a labyrinth of constantly changing visa rules & regulations, hefty paperwork and myriad of pitfalls.Read More

Daily Hunt

United States to dig into people’s lives for visa applications

Social media details, including usernames, previous email addresses, and phone numbers, could be sought from US visa applicants in future as part of the visa vetting process. This is still at the proposal stage with the US State Department seeking public comments. The requirement will be for all types of visas, immigrant and non-immigrant and impact nearly 15 million foreigners who apply for US visas every year. Read More

The Times of India

Learn a new language for better career

When visiting countries like Europe, Denmark, Norway, Austria and Czech Republic, considerable knowledge of Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, German and Czech languages helps you explore the place. In Hong Kong and Singapore, knowledge of Chinese along with English is useful” adds Xavier Augustin, president and CEO of Y-Axis Overseas.Read More

Computer World

H-1B Refugees

Kamen Spassov has already seen hope vanish. He’s seen 100% inflation in a single day. He’s seen computer factories shut their doors or get recycled into refrigerator warehouses. He’s seen his homeland, Bulgaria, turn into a land of despair.Read More

The Economic Times CSR Compendium

CSR COMPENDIUM 2016 – Touching Lives

Founded in 1999, Y-Axis is India’s No.1 overseas career consultant. Y-Axis has counseled more than a million individuals seeking to work, study or settle abroad and successfully helped thousands of them achieve their global aspirations. Y-Axis’ mission is creating a borderless world that encourages diversity and allows a free flow of labour, knowledge and ideas to any country where merit and expertise is recognized and rewarded regardless of nationality or ethnic origin.Read More


Xavier Augustin

The story dates back to 2009 when a fast-growing Y-Axis found itself in trouble when its crucial data got compromised and the company found itself helpless in sorting it out. Bagging the deal was just the beginning of the story. What started off as a mere solution to a data breach went on to become a complete IT transformation project.Read More


Powered by Salesforce, Y-Axis helps thousands realise migration and career ambitions

Having secured its reputation as one of the world’s largest immigration advisory firms, Y-Axis now offers customers much more than visa services. It provides a pathway to new learning and career opportunities for individuals and families. And it continues to engage customers in new ways with the Salesforce Customer Success Platform powering growth and innovation.Read More


80-90 per cent of consultants don’t have appropriate documentation

There are a million of them out there, each making an average of $ 50,000 annually. Put their annual incomes together and they are worth 50-100 billion dollars, which is almost 12-25 per cent of India’s Gross Domestic Product). And the world’s first H1B portal is addressing just this very powerful community.Read More

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